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I’m beyond terrible at eating “three square meals” a day. I also have a hard time getting a glass of water down, let alone eight.

Breakfast got complicated when i ruled out wheat. While I seem to be able to tolerate certain oats, I have not yet had the time to make cookies or oatmeal bars or something. A good breakfast day is when I actually have an entire cup of coffee or tea. I brought some polenta to work the other day and microwaved it but it wasn’t quite the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten, but was more than normal.

With all my stresses lately (not all are public) I’ve been even worse about eating properly. Earlier this week I consumed the following as my total for the day: a half cup of tea, a gf granola like bar, a cup of coffee, and a very small bag of salted almonds.

Not good.

This term has also just not let me settle into a schedule where I make sure to eat lunch or dinner regularly on class nights or any other day of the week. I ate an asian pear for lunch at 3:30pm. Truthfully it was HUGE, but yeah.. I did have a brunch of another gf granola bar at about noon…

Why don’t I eat breakfast at home before we leave for work? we leave at 6:30am. I’d be hungry again by 9 if I ate at home. E used to and discovered he’d have to eat a second breakfast at about 10am if he ate at home.

This is just a short quick reminder to myself and anyone else to listen to my body and schedule set times for meals even if it means I have to eat in a meeting… and sleep (not in a meeting, though I’ve been tempted). I sleep a decent amount but it’s not necessarily good sleep and we acknowledge that 11pm-5:30am is not enough.

I’m still looking for suggestions of foods to bring for lunch that don’t have lots of packaging and are gluten free and kosher-able. Warm foods would be ideal but I don’t see how that’s practical.

Last random bit: I actually succeeded in using katom as my bag today, however, I do wish it was expandable.

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  1. Wish I could help you but the gf is beyond me. My standard breakfast is some plain yogurt with honey and granola.

  2. I was thinking about adding more snacks. Like carry cheese sticks and things like granola or trail mix. That way if you don’t have time for a full meal you can at least get a quick boost of protein between meetings. I have trouble with this too and I started carrying beef jerky with me and it really helped!

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