stitches, some spinning, socks! and many photos

Each time I think I’ll just slap up a bunch of photos for a post, I end up writing much more than I thought.

I’m still in awe of what sara sent. I wore the spocks yesterday and they gave me good luck (I think). R didn’t believe me that they weren’t knit for me in the first place so I had to track down sara’s post. My current wonder is what to do with the Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri it’s just under 130m in a dk weight. I have time because I became overwhelmed by startitis last week and am trying not to cast on more that I don’t have time for.

First, a finished knit and a request for assistance. Finished smoke ringI finished the smoke ring, and I love it. However, my blocking left much to be desired. Partially it is because I seem to have misplaced my pins. Partially because I seem unable to pin properly through a towel onto the carpet or my yoga mat. I’ve heard good things about the interlocking gym mats. Comments? Suggestions? I am also open to suggestions as to how to block a circular object and not have an icky ridge.

handspun 20080222Next is a finished bit of spinning (I’ll leave the scary bit to the end). This is from some roving I bought at Rhinebeck in ’06. It’s a two ply of sorts and is the first real thing squeaky spun. I’ve gotten much more comfortable on him.

My new coffee table makes me really happy in that the bottom shelf is mine. In gaining this accessible storage I did have to vacate the coat closet and that makes me sad. There will be some stash readjustment.

I started the baby blanket for S’s daughter C. Since I made C’s brother a blanket I felt obligated to crochet one for his sister as well. It involves counting so I’m not sure how quickly it will really go. I’m using the violet cotton-ease I had originally earmarked for the dragon wrap.

I really am enjoying spinning up robin's nest singles the “robin’s nest” roving I bought last Spring at Maryland. I love the colours and how the different fibre lengths make it look as if my single is not one but plyed. I’m aiming for consistent spinning of about a light fingering weight for this. I’m trying to spin 5 minutes a day. E is still bothered by the “noise” of Squeaky (who I think is quiet) so I try to do it when he’s not around. I see how the consistent practice is paying off. Thank you Dave and Devorah!!

The universe can feel better again. Rushing Rivulet progress 20080225 Socks are back on the needles. I’m making the “Rushing Rivulet” from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways, book one. I thought I’d be all “smart” and that I didn’t need stitch markers to knit the star toe. I believe that I don’t, unless I do the majority of my knitting half asleep at 6:30am.. They aren’t terrible, but after looking closely at the quality of Sara’s socks (honestly the closest I’ve ever gotten to a hand knit sock that I didn’t knit) I see how amateurish I knit. I’m sloppy. Most of the socks I knit at first served two purposes: 1) to learn how and 2) to give me socks that fit. I am nervous however that my gauge loosened up too much and the foot will be too loose when I get more knit. Since I just gained two new pairs of socks it isn’t as critical that I complete these quickly.. so do I rip ?

Ok. You can stop reading if your squeamish.

(this space intentionally left blank)

dragon wrap surgeryI’m attempting to be smart (probably not a good idea, see sock above) and fix the right side (of the front, the public side) of the baby dragon wrap. Mostly because I do not want to reknit the whole thing. It’s wonky to say the least and I don’t think that I’m actually fixing the problem even though I’m rereading the instructions again at each row. I’m not optimistic about this attempt at avoiding reknitting, but we’ll see what happens. I don’t know until I try..

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  1. If you think it is too loose then rip away. Better to start it 3 times (the original, the too tight and the just right) then be unhappy. Yes, been there, done that.

    Nice lumpy bumpy yarn. Keep it to remember, when you can no longer intentionally make lumpy bumpy, how far you have come!

  2. I have floor mats and love them! I have both the 2′ and the 1′. I like the 1′ a little better because I can use just the size I need and store the rest. If I had it to do over again I would have only gotten the 1′ ones.

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