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I’m trying not to think how quickly the clock is ticking down to May 9th. The first complete draft is due too soon. I’m happy the kitchen is almost done so I don’t have to worry about that any more. I just wish I hadn’t helped Eli finish his lunch today. There was a bite or two of wheat which entered my system and I’ve not been happy since. This post will be short so I can go recover from the torture and pain it caused my body. Testing wool allergies is one thing (I’ve done it myself) but this, I would not attempt this to my worst enemy. I’m happy I did it to myself, it’s good to know what reaction my body has, and I’m happy that tomorrow is not an Office Work day!

I’m not yet finished DragonWorld, but probably will later tonight especially since I’m going to draw a nice hot bath after I hit publish.

cat bordhi book cover: new pathways for sock knitters: book oneI have read through at least twice and now worked through one complete pattern and the start of a second in Cat Bordhi’s brilliant book New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One. I’ll write more on the technical knitting part of this book tomorrow, but I will say now it’s put together beautifully! Yes, there are some typos and errata, which sadden me but don’t upset me– they happen. The design and images step the reader/knitter through the entire process. This book has definitely changed how I look at garment construction and will allow me to think and rethink the socks I knit. I definitely am looking forward to seeing how books two and three cause me to stretch my synapses and form new connections.

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  1. Sorry the wheat made you out of sorts. Hope everything gets better soon!

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