avena sativa

kitchen in daylightThe kitchen is progressing nicely, a motzei shabbos run to Ikea, Target, and Lowes is assisting in that. We

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  1. You should be easily able to get a good Y peeler (possibly Oxo?) from Target. I prefer the traditional ones, but a *good* one is crucial, for sure.

    I loooove my 8″ chef’s knife…have not had occasion lately to use it nearly often enough. I think my favorite tool – a big one – is my stand mixer. Actually, my old one (a gift) is showing some wear, and I haven’t yet pulled out the new-to-me one (a hand-me-down but newer).

    I may be baking today myself…in much the same way that my wool-loving pals cannot fathom an allergy to four-legged fibers, I weep for you that you must be GF…

  2. Also, the kitchen looks gorgeous!

  3. Mike has both real silpat and fake and they both seem to work fine but the real one is heavier and seems sturdier. He also favors Oxo for most of his basic prep gadgets. Their salad spinner is also handy for washing fleece. ;-)

    His answer to your question, however, is his 5 quart Kitchen Aide stand mixer. It has been with us longer then our kids! Pricey but totally worth it.

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