parshah tetzaveh

This week we read Tetzaveh, Sh’mot (Exodus) 27:20-30:10

Last week we learned about the building of the Aron, Shulchan, Menorah, all of the parts to the Mishkan.

This week we learn about the garments of the Kohen: the kutoness, the mitznefes, the avneit, and the michnasayim. The Kohen Gadol also wore: the eiphod, the choshen, the me’il (with it’s hem of (pomegrantes of turquoise, purple, and scarlet wool), and the tzitz. The initiation for Aaron and his four sons is also detailed.

Here are two links with pictures (or colouring book line images) of the various garments.
torah tots (terrible web design, imho, but lots of links to pictures)

In Nach, I’ve completed the first book of Shmuel (Samuel) and am making my way through the second book. I could see myself caught up by next week.

I would possibly have been today, but I cast on for a pair of bulky house socks because my feet have been so cold I’ve not been able to enjoy or focus on many things. Mostly because I can’t keep my slippers on my feet. The kitchen is going well. I’m still overwhelmed by figuring out what goes where. We’re purging a few items and making a list of what we need to keep the kitchen organized and clean. My goal is to clear off enough of the dining table so we can enjoy shabbat tonight.

שׁבּת שׁלום