it’s beautiful!

completed kitchen 20080213

The cabinet installation is complete and definitely to satisfaction. Posting will be light as I put things back together and we reclaim the main room and our lives (except with the Project I have no life, but that’s another discussion entirely). We are very impressed with the finished product and are happy with our choice. Now we need to find a sink, counter top (the tile on top next to the stove is a temporary arrangement), and ceiling light. I also need to figure out where I want to put everything. We have lots more space now and I think the arrangement is a little more logical. How will I ever sleep with the excitement?!

Images of the saga may be found at this flickr set.

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  1. Gorgeous! Hope you find a countertop to match!

  2. Wonderful! May many fabulous meals be prepared there!

  3. It looks awesome! Congratulations!

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