short note to my stove

Dear Stove, new stove

Thank you for putting up with us these past few weeks.

I appreciate that you graciously handled sitting out in the main room and being constantly hip-checked by me at any chance I got. Thank you for not lashing out and giving me larger bruises than I already have.

It was very nice to put you back and have you quickly step right back into your normal role. I thank you for the simple joy you gave me Thursday evening in boiling water for pasta, tea, and coffee.

I’m planning now all the new things we will do together that I hadn’t when you first arrived. I’m pouring over cook books for inspiration. The plans are great and I look forward to them. You do your job well and I look forward to our growing together as cook and stove.

The end to this renovation is in sight. We’ve been told delivery and installation will commence on Monday [honestly I’m not holding my breath but I’m attempting to remain positive]. We will confirm this tomorrow but are hopeful that soon the friend’s you’ve been hanging out with in the spacious main room (including the new microwave who has bullied the old one at length) will have nice, new, shiny, and intimate quarters.

I promise to keep you clean.

Thank you for being patient. Your patience and quiet strength has been an inspiration to me these past few weeks as I wait and wait for the kitchen to be put back and the main room returned to rights.

~ penny

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  1. What a lovely post! I never thought to thank my appliances before, but I DEFINITELY appreciate my dishwasher (even if it doesn’t clean that well). Come to think of it, I have to scrub the dishes before putting them in Manuel (the dishwasher, we name everything, wait, is that racist? I never thought about it) so maybe I don’t love him so much. Hmph. Must think on this. I DO love my washer and dryer, and the fact that the hubs relented and let me choose a top loading washer, so I can felt. Haven’t yet, but I will.

  2. I’m glad to hear that your kitchen is nearly put together! I am playing a bit of catch up and I wanted to mention that there are copies of my man mitts pattern available here:

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