parshah terumah

This week (wow what a week) we read parshah terumah, Sh’mot (Exodus) 25:1-27:19

Honestly, I’ve not yet learned (again this year) this week’s parshah. It was generally one of those weeks. I try to reserve Friday for bookkeeping and research, continuing ed type things at home so I can also take care of bits of housework and things if necessary [but trust me, I do Work on Friday]. The past few weeks have been so busy that I am doing intense work on Fridays too (which is fine, they pay the bills, if I ever had time to invoice). Today had me rushing out to deliver something … which gave me additional knitting, but was a little stressful.

I have, however, had a bit more luck with Nach this past week. I’m not yet caught up but am closing the gap. I’m in the beginning-but-middle of I Shmuel [Shmuel is just about to anoint Saul]. When I arrive at the second book I will also gain the many podcasts I’ve already downloaded to my iPod. I’m finding new minutes to catch up by learning from a print volume (published by the Foundation I have mixed feelings about but mostly because it combined both Shmuel’s into one volume which I could schlep home from the Uni easier) and by this online Tanach. I don’t know what deal was struck between the two organizations, but it is one I’ve benefit greatly from. I like Chabad’s layout of their website and can find what I want quickly and easily. It’s long established that I like the Judaica Press. Learning Torah online is not the same for me as learning from tangible paper, but I am happy to now use a few spare web moments to a better purpose.

I’m now going to enjoy my stove which is across the apartment from the sole water source and find a place where I can chop up the vege’s for dinner without being on my hands and knees.

שׁבּת שׁלום

ps Purim is coming. eek!

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  1. And a good Shabbat to you!

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