will i make it?

First, I finished my Little Gem Mitts. little gem mittsThe only “cheat” is that I didn’t do the full cuff length. I need to rebindoff the left hand (which i did first) in my regular sock bindoff and it’s too loose. Both thumbs are also too short, but I’ll hopefully survive for now. This is a great pattern and I think I may have a use for those sock odds and ends. I’m not sure that the Regia Silk was the smartest yarn choice for /me/, but time will tell. Oh and I’ve not blocked them yet.
Finished: 20080203
Yarns: Regia Silk in Coal, Koigu KPPPM in some redish multi-fleck
Pattern: Little Gem Mitts by Donna Kay in IK Holiday 2007
Needles: 2.5mm 12" circs

Now I’m knitting E’s birthday present. I cast on yesterday (Sunday) and his birthday is Wednesday. I’m knitting him Yvonne’s Man Mitts [yes, we know they’re sold out.] in a very thin fingering. They look marvelous, but it is fingering weight on 2.5mm needles. The pattern was perfect for sneaking in while assisting with a seminar today (I run the tech part). No one really cared and I am probably about 5 rows from the thumb gussets. :) The only times I “messed up” the presentation we jumped around and we’ve not done this talk for about 6 months and I renumbered the slides so I had to look up where to jump to. It was nice though there was a point I toyed with stabbing myself or someone near me with the needles. Chocolate was what that talk needed.

I’m sad to report I’ve not touched spindle or wheel in a week. I’m sad, but mitts had priority. As does the Project and some Work. I’ll hopefully disclose the pathetic working title and abstract sometime in the next few weeks. We’ll see, it could be something really cool or fall terribly flat.

On that note I should stop playing on facebook and babbling here and finish my work so I can get to sleep. The seminar today left me with a huge headache. :(

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  1. The mitts are beautiful!

  2. The mitts look great! Good work!

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