where are they now? part I – spike and katom

I mention so many things here.. does anyone ever wonder about them later?

Remember Spike?


Spike sometimes gets forgotten at home for a week or two at a time. Then the rubber thingee on the earbuds falls off and I use him diligently for two a few.. and then I forget again. I think if he were smaller and connected to the whole ensemble he’d be used more frequently. I still keep him around though.

Katom is currently patiently awaiting me to finish taking every library book in the universe [no that’s not a typo] home from the library [you know, because we have all that spare room, especially with the kitchen renovation and I have so much time to do this Project]. I’m using my little jerusalem pack (which someone donated (almost new!) to the thrift store so I paid $5 and I LOVE, mine is solid navy blue) instead to try to keep some books at the libraries for other patrons. ;) I do wish it looked a little more adult .. at least the crossing guards have left me alone this week… I do know what i want my “perfect-i-think” bag to have for features and I have even bought a few things so I can make it but… who has time?

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  1. No one. That’s right. No one has time. But once your project is done … maybe you can make time. Good luck!

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