it’s monday again?

or already, or where the heck did the past week (month) go, or at least I have a whole week until it happens again?

Because it’ll be easier this way, I’m going to give a status update of each item on my current WIP sidebar and include pictures if they aren’t really really bad. [It wasn’t a good week for pictures.]

The Dragon-Skin Wrap by Angela Hahn is cruising along. I’m to the decreases on the left side. I’m going to knit it up and then compare it to the right and if it looks good enough then I’ll be much further along and very happy (because after the decreases it’s all English that I understand). If not, it’s a fun pattern and the practice was good.

Leaf Afghan by Ann V. Gallentine is getting much more per ball than I anticipated. Ok, I only finished one ball, but I knit 2.5 repeats from it. I’m aiming still for 5 balls for the long strips. We shall see. Yes, the cables eat up more yarn than an open lacey thing, but I’m enjoying myself and that’s what counts. I’ve fallen off my one repeat a night goal, but I’m trying to touch it and knit a few rows at least every other day.

little gem progress, 20080128Little Gems Mitts by Donna Kay from the Holiday 2007 of Interweave Knits are my startitis, yet necessary project (so are thick house socks, but they will have to wait). The Regia Silk (in coal) plus the Koigu are beautiful together. I FROZE in class on Wednesday and my digits have been chillier than normal so I’m putting the Ring to the side until these are knit up. This afternoon while it would seem I was playing a round of untangle (you are hereby warned, and The Bon is in trouble) I finally gave up my goal of very few ends to weave in and broke a few strands to sort out my mess. While I don’t like the koigu when skeined very much, and even worse when it’s balled, i love how it’s knitting up with the Coal for contrast. It reminds me of stained glass and I can’t wait to finish them! (I can knit four rows per commute bit, so that’s two squares per day, which means I should finish at the second week of February, unless I start editing my writing on the commutes. I’m going to try to get some additional knit time in, as they are something I do need. The “answer to cold hands” was gifted to my mum because my gauge was off and they fit her nicely.

Both of Miriam’s beautiful designs, Seraphim Shawl and Logan River are waiting patiently for the kitchen to be completed so that I can get to them again. The small appliances have the basket surrounded and are guarding it carefully.

I made nice progress on the Old Shale Smoke Ring until I decided to knit the mitts. It’s really pretty and I want to get back to knitting it.

I have started the front of the Veste! Barely, but it is started. I can’t locate my 4.5mm circs, but I found another pair (er, part of some dpns) and have cast on determined to complete this project before August. :)

new spindleLastly, I bought a new spindle last week, I needed some Soak (yes, I could use shampoo or other things, but this is my small luxury at the moment) and Spunky has very tempting stuff. I haven’t spun on it very much and I think it’s small and light and very pretty. I think the weather has caused some havok on the shaft, but I like it. The little I spun gave me a clean long run.

And it’s so good to see that my concerns from this time last year (how to spin and what to spin on[squeak and a few spindles]) have been answered. Now to find longer days to get it all done…

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  1. I did warn you about the addictiveness/crazy-making of tangle!

  2. My you have a lot of projects going! You definitely should get cranking on the mitts before the weather changes. ;-)

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