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The walls and ceiling are painted, we need to finish tearing up the old floor and lay the new. We need to paint the trim but can do that later if necessary.

I do miss having a counter and sink near the stove. The clutter in the apartment is definitely grating on E and I’ve retreated to the bedroom to do work so it must be affecting me as well. The fridge is out behind E’s desk (I keep offering to help rearrange things further, but he says this is good for his posture). I didn’t cook anything *real* all week. It’s the week of eating like an American and I’m starting to feel it; though we are eating more salad and fruit than normal at this time of year, probably to make up for the crud. I’ve “made” Tabatchnik soups, Potato crusted fish patties, a “tv dinner”, and various other non-foods.

What’s torturing me is that Corrie has received a box of food goodness and has been posting amazing day by day summaries. Oy, just posting that made me hungry again! [nb: almost every word there is a different link].

So, when will our kitchen be completed? The current word is E’s birthday for cabinet installation. This isn’t as bad as it first sounded as both E and I have been hard pressed to find time to work on things. We completed the second coat of paint Thursday night and then overslept Friday morning. I only had time to pull up a few more tiles before Shabbos descended on Friday. We hope to complete the floor necessities tomorrow, or at least have a very good start on them. Then we need to find a counter top and sink. We know the style of faucet we like (similar to this) and have seen it “everywhere” so that is the least of our worries. We’re waiting on the counter top because we want to see how the cabinets interact with the floor we chose. The floor is a deep dark grey, the cabinets and appliances are a mix of stainless, glass, and a pale pale orange. The walls are a white that has hints of blue-grey. We’re not sure.

Oh and a light. We need a new light for the kitchen. In other lights, I’ve received approval to purchase a “real” light for me (a la OTT-LITE, but probably a generic, affordable one). I’m torn weather to put this near the bed or my desk.

I do need to figure out breakfast and lunch meals for me. I didn’t eat much on Tuesday or Wednesday and that isn’t good or healthy, especially since my stress level is a little on the higher side these days. What I ate was terrible, it included a bag of potato chips. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Budget and dietary restrictions are my concerns.

The Project update? I’m really really happy that I won NaNo this past November. I’m having fun but have to do the part I dislike the most, editing and making sure that I tie it all together. I’m still concerned about the time frame, but que sera, sera.

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  1. Renovations are the pits. Been there, have the t-shirt. Good luck getting through this!

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