zoom zoom zoom… squeak?

It’s amazing how projects progress when you actually *work* on them. :) Much of this may be a repeat from Wednesday, but I hope it will be slightly more coherent as I am much healthier today.

j&v wedding afghan progress, 20080118VJM’s blanket (that covers the entire hodgepodge of initials) is actually progressing. I decided to frog the log cabin because I absolutely detest garter stitch (that may be my problem with EZ patterns as well) and I chose a Leaf Afghan by Ann V. Gallentine after browsing through Ravelry. This will most definitely involve seaming, which I detest, but the pattern has enough purl/knit changes on each side to keep me interested and occupied. My irrational fear is still that I’ll run out of yarn but it seems I can get at least a foot knit (fourteen inches actually) of the wide strip with less than one ball so I’m aiming for 6 balls each for the wide strips and we’ll see what happens for the narrow ones. My only other fear is that this is called “barn board”. It’s BROWN. I’m knitting leaves. Is that morbid? I do wish that the pattern was charted, but alas.

[9:25a They are here to demolish the kitchen. I knew I should have gotten something to drink five minutes ago. *sigh*]

The Veste. Aah.. Zee Veste. She is progressing nicely and I’m probably an inch from dividing for the back shoulders and then, then she goes onto some spare string and I start the front. The end is in sight. Oh wait, seaming. Drat. I knew I should’ve knit this in the round. I hope to finish the back tonight. I’m not entirely positive this will happen, but it’s nice to dream.

Seraphim how I love thee. When I actually sit to knit you, there is progress. Yes, now each row takes much longer as you grow, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel which will be chart one (in about 50 rows). Even though you are quite plain right now you still excite me. Holding the two colours together creates a subtle effect and I enjoy it greatly.

Ring. Ring of warmth. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear you. I had visions of you being worn around the building when I run to do laundry and things of that sort. Yvonne’s Yarn is beyond beautiful and my photos do not do it justice so you will have to wait (or just look in flickr). The pattern is simple and by Cosette Cornelius-Bates. You cast on a trillion stitches, join them in the round without twisting and go to town on the 4 row pattern. This is my perfect yarn, it’s mostly grey with hints of gorgeous colour. I do need to knit another pair of socks or three, but it’s nice not to have to think about heels or things. ;)

That is it on the knitting front. I know. The wrap is hibernating and that’s not good because if I don’t knit it now, she’ll be off doing research with her mum and I won’t know what hit me.

Oh and Squeak? There is one very critical spot I forgot to oil. Which E forgot to oil. Which was totally forgotten about. I noticed that the squeak changed depending how I treadled. I kept thinking about that for a while. Motzei shabbos Eureka! Squeaky noise gone. I want to draw up a simple guide to where to oil your HitchHiker but I’m probably the only idiot who forgets to oil there. Her second bobbin is almost full and I hope to finish that this week. There may have been a small spindle purchase this past week. I needed Soak (Miriam it’s your fault for getting me hooked on that stuff) and the spindle was just sitting there begging. I like Jade better than the one I purchased but as I spindle fine I bought by weight not by looks. The one I bought is no longer listed. You’ll have to wait til it arrives (probably cold and in need of wool) and gets comfortable before there are photos. Do I really need it ? No. But I was weak. Spunky’s store is pure joy and crack. I bear no responsibility if you spend you year’s budget there.

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  1. Glad you finally found the “magic” spot to oil. Spinning is much more satisfying when your wheel does not squeak.

  2. I hate garter stitch too. At least rows and rows of it. Though, I have just volunteered myself to make a garter stitch scarf for Blair! I think I must be out of my mind!

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