enjoying food again

It’s wonderful to finally feel better and want to eat and enjoy food. For shabbat I made that gf bread mix again. This time I added egg & milk to the mix and it came out even better. Since my bread is “special” anyway and we keep a dairy kitchen I didn’t bother to mark it as dairy. [Most breads are assumed to be parve, not meat or dairy, and dairy breads are generally baked differently shaped so you don’t mistakenly put chicken on milchik bread.]

I also made a Spiced Butternut Squash Stew with Couscous where I substituted quinoa and forgot to add the spinach. I didn’t realize about the spinach until I was setting the table for lunch today and realized the bag was unopened. The stew wasn’t very spicey [I held back a little so E would enjoy it] and overall was quite enjoyable and simple to make, though couscous would’ve had more “heft” than the quinoa.

I’m not sure what meals will come in the next week as I settle back into a new semester. Time will tell.