parshah beshalach v’nach

I feel much much better this morning. My back is quite sore but I seem able to move with more mobility. The cold has good and bad moments but I’m definitely on the mend. Thank you to everyone for such kind get-better wishes.

This week we read Beshalach, Sh’mot [Exodus] 13:17-17:16. Please note that I’m using Jewish chapter/verse markings. I know that there are some differences but I’m not sure where those fall (I think mostly in Tehillim (psalms)).

This morning is the first chance I’ve had to even attempt to read the English. This parshah is special as it includes the Song of the Sea, we receive Manna, and learn about Shabbat, the day of rest. Chabad’s summary may be found here.

Regarding Nach, I’m halfway through Joshua now. I’m just taking the simple reading of the Nach at this point; if I have the ability to learn any of it in more depth I will do so, but for now I desire just to read it through (even in English) once. Bli neder, I hope to finish Joshua and start on Judges by next week.

שׁבּת שׁלום