Writing is hard. I really have nothing for today. I’ve been avoiding writing the past week or so and that’s bad. Very bad. I need to sit down and buckle down like I have been with the spinning (and knitting and crochet) and practice. For both nonfiction (book reviews mostly) and fiction. I need to stretch those parts of my brain.

In random news: both my Mother and her partner A (who loves his new ‘copter [details on Weds]) are proud owners of Nintendo DS’s. It’s weird. Mum’s is Pink and A’s is red or black, I forget which already. It just seems odd that they have more tech gadgets than the computer engineer and computer scientist. Mom always enjoyed my her Gameboy and played more hours of tetris and dr mario than I ever did. She currently has a few games and has been playing lots of the “brain game”. Which honestly makes me really really happy. She bought it mostly because she is a home health aide for a teenage boy and there are only so many books she wants to read in a week. We all think this will be a good thing for her brain, whether she plays mind strengthening things or fun games. A brought home chess which is good because I never learned to play when I was younger and I don’t think my mom knows how so he should have fun with that.

I hope to site down now (it’s 9pm) and prep the remainder of the week’s posts in Scrivener we’ll see how it goes… I won’t hold my breath that I can plan these posts that far ahead.