parshah bo

In this week’s parshah, the final plagues are inflicted on Egypt and we are driven from that land … some mitzvot are introduced (not in “order” of the parshah): to keep a calendar, the pesach offering, to remember the exodus, and to wear t’fillin. [nutshell]

Bo means come. In this parshah, Hashem says to Moses, “Come to Pharaoh”. As I’ve written here and elsewhere, names are important. Why isn’t this parshah which memorialises the moments that cause us to leave that land of Egypt and progress to the land promised to us? As we are commanded to remember the exodus each year through the holiday of Pesach, we confronted Pharaoh … well, please read this children/parent d’var torah. I liked it: Bo: Liberating Your Child.

To that end, we are now in the month of Sh’vat and upcoming is Tu B’Sh’vat or the New Year for Trees.

Nach Yomi ? I read a chapter [the 9th] of Joshua this morning. I realized I don’t really have this scheduled into my day and week so I will fix that shortly. I’m not sure the best method but something is better than nothing.

שׁבּת שׁלום