The fibre is slowly progressing here at penguingirl…

The congrats scarf is gifted and the recipient loves it. I think it came out nicely.

I have another gift crochet in the works, right now I’ll just say that it resembles a flying toaster and that isn’t the desired end goal. I’m rethinking my design now and hope to have it ready to be gifted on Sunday.

The Dragon Wrap is pretty much where it was last week and I’m sad. I’m not quite sure if I did the decreases right so I put the right side on a holder and cast on for the left. I’ve only knit one repeat so far so the progress has been not much. I found an error in the chart for the smallest size but it’s pretty common sense to fix it. I am trying to figure out how to chart the decreases so I can go from than instead of the long dense paragraph.

So what have I been working on?

[edited to add b/c I forgot about them *sigh*] I’m working on the flutterby socks…. they are taking forever and i wish i knew why they were progressing so slowly. I’ve been knitting on the foot for eons and still am not to the heel. I really really want to … though i think they are too busy and I’ve already decided what I would have done differently.

Veste progress, 2008-01-08 The Veste. I’ve completed the armhole decreases and am now cruising along on the remaining 8 or so inches of the back. It’s not that slow of a knit, I’ve just not worked on it for eons. I think that because I’m working on this is why it is HOT here this week and I went to work with just my suit, no additional jacket (or gasp — gloves!) I really want to finish this so I can work on the wrap and other things.

And… wonder of wonders I’ve been spinning. Both on the wheel, which was named Squeaky and on the spindle. Squeaky was taken apart and oiled within an inch of its life. Now it only squeaks 50% of the time. I’ve not yet emailed it’s maker but probably will do so if the squeak gets worse.

The bobbin is half of a random roving from rhinebeck last year. It’s a really dark brown and a really dark purple. if i just have the crappy lights in the apartment on I can’t tell which is which and that’s fine. I divided up what I had by weight and will spin both halves and then ply it together. i don’t know why i’m so obsessed with plied instead of singles but it is what it is. i’d say this ranges (at singles point) from a very thin fingering to regular fingering. The spindle is slowly being filled with VERY thin merino from Jodie I’m nevous that in plying i’ll muddy the yarn but time will tell. My goal has been to spin at least 10 minutes a day on either Squeaky or the spindle. I’ve done that, and a few times spun on both!

I do spin! spindle progress, 2008-01-08 spindle progress, 2008-01-08

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  1. That singles on the spindle is fantastic! Congratulations, you’re really showing some wonderful progress. Incredible. What’s the top of that spindle look like, who’s the maker???

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