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How do people come up with such witty titles? *sigh*

I have been meaning to write about this for weeks now. NYPL has finally launched their new website. The main index page is now more portal "start page" like. This is a wonderful new version, though I have configured my main web browsers with tool bar short cuts to the parts of the library’s site I most frequently visit.

What have I completed this past week?

Pattern Master by Octavia E Butler
I’ve been meaning to read at least one of her works for quite some time. I was at the library the other day looking for a short entertaining read and found it in this slender book. I wasn’t sure if she wrote it as part of series but the book cover and the blurb seemed to indicate it was a self sufficient title. I got lucky in choosing something that indeed can stand alone. I find comfort in the reviews that the plot devices and writing style improve as Butler matures and develops as a novelist. Despite its faults, I find the theme fascinating and some may criticise me for it reassuring in that super isn’t necessarily better and that simple can hold powerful value. I found other themes and social commentary those I wish I had the chutzpah and confidence to write publicly on. I see now that I may have read the last in the series first, but do not find it too troubling except that I picked up the compilation to save myself further difficulty.

Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
Hmm… where to begin. I toyed with titling this post “O World O time O Life!” but that’s the wrong Shelley and doesn’t really cover much. I have craftlit to thank for pushing me to finally read this work. Wow. Considering my only experience prior to listening to some of the chapters and reading most of the others was the Bugs Bunny cartoons, I have long denied myself a remarkable work and had considerable confusion at the start with the current trend of naming the creature Frankenstein, something that is not necessarily done by the creator(s) [Shelley and Victor]. I feel I should specify that I read an edition that presents the 1831 text. I haven’t read all of the critical essays included in my volume, nor do I intend to, at least not from this reading.

Since it’s 31 December, I feel I should do some sort of “year end” review of my reading this past year. Overall I’m pleased with what I’ve read. I’ve pushed myself to try things I haven’t read before or didn’t think I’d like. I have quite a bit further to go until I feel “well read” but will I ever? May 2008 bring more bookshelves and pleasant reading time. ;)

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