We know I tend to have multiple projects going on all the time, reading, fibrey stuff, client work, etc.

What I’ve not yet spoken too much about is that I keep many journals. I wanted to take some photos but alas it is too nasty and grey today, nor did I have the time to draft this as detailed as I originally planned.

They are more numerous than the laptops though I have, though I have attempted to condense [the journals, not the laptops].

I have a pretty fancy one for those “deep, intense, private thoughts”. I would love to replace it with a nice traditional refillable book with a cover I really like and think would age perfectly. I have yet to find that so I’ll keep my current setup. I’m open to links of suggestion (beyond Levenger, I like but think they are overpriced for the mass-produced quality).

I have a composition book which holds news clippings and some scribbles of thoughts on them.

I have two knitting journals. One is more a scrapbook which holds swatches, ball bands, and whatever else I paste and scribble in. The other is a large red grid that holds my notes and checklist for counting rows and stuff of that sort.

When I was younger I kept a running log. I also kept a quotes book. The quotes book I destroyed (a few times actually) and I regret that as I just wrote in the quotes as I came across them and found it fascinating how my perceptions and thoughts were changing based upon my learning.

When we travel I carry a moleskine (not that I’m going anywhere any time soon).

These are only the tangible ones beyond what is stored in binary on my various harddisks. I prefer both mediums, sometimes I want to type my thoughts out, sometimes pen and paper suit me best.