There are quite a few things that I want to write properly about. Sadly I’ve not had the opportunity to sit and spent the time to draft them out. By the time I get to some of thse topics I’m sure that they will be quite “old” news.

So, I will stoop down and give a list of previewing what to expect in the weeks to come…

(in no particuar order..)

  • Intellectual property is complex. I’m not an attorney nor can I play one as it’s illegal for me to do so. [While I am employed by a law firm, I do not currently plan on going to law school, but will say that if they abolished the idioticy that is the lsat (I’m against standardised tests and have been for over a decade) and a reputable school offered an online degree granting course I might revisit that plan.] The rise of the internet has exacerbated this complexity and copyright and assignment/licensing of that copyright has made a bigger splash than anyone expected. I’m not going to attempt to explain it but point you to some interesting and pertinant discussions and where you can go to get assistance if you need it.
  • While I’m on the legal road, I want to talk or point you to a bit about contract law. This topic may never get written and it’s more for me than anyone else as I rarely enter into a formal contractual agreement for better or worse.
  • Related to the contractual fun, I need to write about my process of project management for the very-small-project. I often manage projects by the seat of my pants. This isn’t always bad, nor is it all good. I’m revisiting my work processes and hope to write up those things that I’ve found work for me, and what doesn’t. Your milage may vary and these are for my particular quirks. (I have a small purple penguin girl, of course I have quirks)
  • My good friend Dave is shipping his PCEO form, and I received mine this past week. It’s still shrink wrapped but I hope to crack the seal and already have some thoughts about the redesigned form based on my glimpses through the plastic. First word: Brilliant! [Dave– if you ever do an A5 run, I’m soo there.]
  • I need to talk about akepa (Albert supplied the winning name), the plight of endangered animals, and what my new setup seems to be. The keyboard has some quirks (press strongly), but overall I’m pleased with my decision. I do need to do some research about wifi in the city but I’ll get there.
  • Firefox and wordpress addons and my other geek setups/configs.
  • The benefits of downtime and how it leads to larger billables.
  • Eating right..

I’m sure there are many more things, but this is the list at present. I definitely feel the need for some downtime. E amd I been going almost nonstop since we returned from Maine at the start of September. I have three (to five) large projects I’m “lead” on and two more I’m managing which I want to roll out live yesterday. All projects are progressing reasonable well but it has been a super intense quarter with the annual sprint to the finish.

We are also now in my least favourite season. The past two
days have been cold and grey and I already feel like it’s been winter forever, the bright colour feels like it last entered my life months ago instead of mere days. We’ll get through it, the winter season doesn’t affect me too strongly and I’m happy the cold and grey waited until after solstice.

I’m going to take advantage of the time gained by not fleshing out the topics in this post and attempt to prepare for Sh’mot tomorrow. ;)