slowly progress

To E, progress in my fibre world means getting yarn out of the house.

I’ve been finishing and sending gifts out left right and center. Hopefully the USPS will continue to deliver fibrey goodness to friends far and near (well, hmm… none are quite near).

I actually spun for about 10 minutes yesterday. bootees, progress 2007-12-25I didn’t do much more because I have a commission from my MIL for a small gift for her friend’s granddaughter. I’m knitting the fun bootees again and just need to seam them up and add the buttons. It is a fun fast pattern, but I was worried I wouldn’t have enough grey but it worked out. [added @ 9p: completed version may be found here. I think that this third pair is my best yet.]

Continuing in the baby knits I’m almost done with one of the fronts for the baby yoda sweater. It’s a great pattern as well, though I might look into knitting it semi seamless next time. I’m using cotton-ease and I think it’ll be beautiful.

Speaking of cotton-ease, sometimesdragon wrap progress I’m stubborn. I had one skein of cotton-ease in violet and decided that while it claims 17st to 4″ i could somehow get gauge (of 24 st in pattern) for the dragon-“skin” wrap (yucky name, i like the women’s name better). E and I tracked down some more cotton-ease, but something made me actually swatch. Then I switched needles and swatched again. And last night instead of going to sleep like a normal person I took out some its of patons grace and swatched again. I finally got gauge. *sigh* so today I picked up 4 skeins of grace in lilac. We’ll see how it comes out.

A friend received a nice promotion and I want to celebrate it with a gift for her. She likes purple and scarves so I’m crocheting a scarf for her. While on the topic of gifts I mailed off the Jaywalkers to another friend this afternoon. I hope that they fit her, or if they don’t she’ll tell me. When she returns back to NY I’ll measure her feet proper.

Yvonne Lavendersheep Espresso Tencel Sock Yarnsurprised me with a gift of a skein of beautiful sock yarn and a really beautiful bag. I need to think what this will be. It’s soo nice and soft and the colours are perfect! Thank you!!

Lastly, I have another pair of socks on the needles but it’s not the day for photos. I’m knitting with pretty purple koigu that’s been marinating in the stash about a year. These will be my dreaming of spring socks. today is really grey and chilly in a depressing wayl

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  1. I’m glad that you liked the yarn! I was and am very happy to send it your way!

  2. Oh, and all of your projects are simply gorgeous!

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