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I’ve struggled to get all of my work done the past few months as I have slimmed my bulky bag down. After much research, hemming, hawing, and a very careful examination of my business finances I brought home a very little laptop Friday afternoon.

It is a 4G Asus EEE.

So, how do I see this assisting me in my work? In my writing?

Well, it ships with 1.3g free space, a terminal with SSH & vi, open office, a pdf viewer, and is linux. I opted to bring home the one with the webcam, though have not yet played with it. In theory the battery life is over 3.5 hours (more if I am not on wifi).

You see, I bounce around a good deal. I do not have an office (beyond the one at home) and I squat in a conference room by one client (let’s call that point A) whenever possible. I am at point A for 4 hours, 4 times a week. Then I go to point B for lunch (when I remember to eat), Clients often happen at random times in the mid-to late afternoon and twice a week (6-9p) I am on campus (during the term). I have determined that I cannot do the work I need on a crackberry and sadly my filo can’t fulfill all my needs. While I like wifi I don’t always need it. I need access to spreadsheets and a text editor. That I can do basic powerpoint and word is an added bonus. I often have at least 3 hours between appointments, but since it takes about an hour to travel home from midtown (and back again), I don’t really see the point in going home between (though it would mean more knitting).

It needs a name. I’m partial to animals (or nouns) in non-English languages but languages I sort of “know”. To that extent: French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Czech, and Japanese are all open. I was thinking of something emphasizing the small and lightweight joy… I’ve thought (and semi rejected) feather, mouse, lace, humming bird… Suggestions? If you provide the winning name, I’ll send you something within the next 365 days. (I feel bad, Dave is still waiting for his prize).

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  1. My thought would be Gwen, as in pen-gwen. (penguin = pen gwen, to help in writing.)
    It looks like an interesting little device, too.

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