my popcorn has a myspace page

I kid you not! My popcorn’s myspace kettlecornpage may be found here.

What is this world coming to? Next your going to tell me that my mother in law has an avatar in second life. Oh wait. She has. :D

It’s a known fact (I think) that one of my favouritest foods in the world is popcorn. in general I do prefer a variety which is smothered in things which make my arteries harden, but I will relish a lightly salted air popped bowl of yumminess too.

If you want to bring me to my knees begging, then tempt me with kettle corn. I’ve been craving this since smelling at msdwf two years ago. I’ve found a few bags which are heschered (kosher) but in general they are difficult to locate. Imagine my surprise as I was walking out of the kosher supermarket a few weeks ago and discovered a tower of cardboard boxes with 8oz bags of kettle corn goodness. I’m proud of my resolve for not grabbing a carton and going back in that night. A few nights ago I finally made a stop in and they still had a few bags.

What heaven! What joy!

I took three bags home and have attempted to slowly eat them (while I’ve not succeeded on slow consumption while the bag is open I have limited myself to a bag in a 24 hour period.) I need to find more and hope greatly that this company does not stop production now that I’ve discovered them.