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I am a very late convert to the world of audiobooks. I love to read. I love the process of reading. How some sniff yarn, I’ve been known to sniff books and revel in the font, text, scent, and texture. I set the scenes in my head and love choosing the voices for various characters (if it is fiction).

I was read to as a child but as soon as I could read by myself I believe that I did so with massive delight. Most of my favourite childhood memories revolve around books (such as Go Dog Go, Peter Rabbit, Mrs PiggleWiggle, The Secret Garden, and The Little House on the Prairie). Even today I have a difficult decision when I must choose between a good book to hold in my hands and some fibre.

I’ve scanned through Librivox several times since I first learned of it, but always found the subscription method frustrating. Last week I discovered I could subscribe through iTunes. It makes the management much easier for me. I’ve been listening to a few books (reviews next Monday) and am slowly discovering what I can and can’t do while “reading with my ears”. It’s an interesting new world. I’ve started with a goal of listening to those texts I know but don’t current have access to, but have seen that lofty goal quickly degrade into anything that strikes my fancy. They’re still taking getting used to, it’s odd that a “book” fits into my little iPod. Sure some of the Librivox readers are more skilled and pleasant to listen to than others but I do tend to like the various accents and pronunciations.

I won’t eschew my paper treasures, but I have discovered a new medium.

Anyway, I’ve been sitting on a gift certificate to Audible for well over a year now. Any advice and recommendation is welcome!

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  1. I am a multi-year subscriber to Audible and love it. Anything read by Barbara Rosenblatt is going to be fun. (Except for The Nazi Officer’s Wife, which while not fun per se, was a really good listen.)

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