an ode to wordpress

WordPress how you rock my world.
In daylight and at night
the process is so simple:
5 minute install is true.
Themes abound
and Plugins galore.

Akismet is a joy
and has caught over
33,476 spam.

When widgets were
grafted into the trunk I leapt with joy.
No longer did I need to
ssh then vi in to tweak things.

WordPress, I <3 you!

Ok ok. I’m sorry for the very bad poetry. I really did have another post intended for today, but wordpress has really been rocking my worlds so I thought I’d give it some public love. At one time I wanted (and could) write poetry.. I also goofed on my schedule and found myself arriving home much later and hungrier than desired and with a client call that I’ve not yet prepared for. It’s my own fault. I forgot how the crowds in the city at the holiday season take much more out of me than they do at other times. I hope after the call I’ll spend some time with my multiple wordpress installs and get this one a bit happier. Do you like my new Ravelry progress bars on the side? I know, the entire sidebar needs some TLC but it’s getting there. (If you have a nice book icon I can use (and what it’s licensed with) please let me know!)

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  1. I love me my WordPress, too. And it’s amazing how they all can look so different from one another. And Widgets. Don’t even get me started on the widgets. I LIVE FOR WIDGETS!

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