catching up on classics

There are quite a few classics I haven’t read. I have no good reason for this and I hope to slowly fix that.

To that end, melanie recently recommended Emma by Charlotte Brontë to me. Last Wednesday I took a copy from the Uni library and well, I devoured it. I’ll probably (hopefully?) reread it again (a few times) before I need to return it (go go grad student borrowing privileges) but my reaction early on (page 16) was “It feels like A Little Princess!” I think now my reaction is that it felt like Sara Crewe crossed with Mary Lenox and Miss Lavender with an extra dose of moors thrown in for good enjoyable pleasure. Why did no one direct me to this story earlier in my life? I would have LOVED it then as I do now. I enjoyed it so much that I actually attempted to explain it to E who smiled and nodded and didn’t drop me off at a hospital. ;)

I also read through More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch this past week. It is exactly as the title says. I tend to use my own formula no matter what, but the clear examples of various bindoffs really was a nice addition. I used the Diamonds pattern to create a gift for a friend’s mom.. I’ll torture everyone with that write up on Wednesday.

I’m paying a little bit more attention to CraftLit these days. I actually took out Frankenstein to read ahead. I’m trying various audio books, I’m still not a huge fan.. (I was read to as a child I have always taken great joy in reading to myself). I am quite slow to discover this, but I learned that I can subscribe to librivox books via iTunes, and I must say it makes this lazy busy geek happy.

What books do you think I should read if I haven’t read them? All genres are up for grabs but I am *not* a fan of mysteries and will probably procrastinate reading it. My Reading List has quite a few of the books I’ve read, but obviously is not exhaustive. That would be a scary list. I’m open to new opportunities. I can’t guarantee I’ll read them soon, but they’ll be added to the queue.

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  1. I really love reading Howl’s Moving Castle. It is one that I wish I had read as a child too. I love the movie too, though they are completely different. It might be something interesting to check out.

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