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I finished E’s scarf on Saturday night and surprised him with it blocking on Sunday. It ended up quite splendid and looks wonderful with his coat. When we have natural light to show everything off I will photograph it and share. I love the Shibui Sock so much some more followed me home (more on that in a bit).
E's scarf Detail of E's scarf

Of course the needles craved jaywalker progress, 2007-12-12 socks so some more flew onto the needles. These are the new jaywalkers toe up. While I was at knitty city today, someone (suek ?) asked me if I ever knit with the wrong yarn. No. But you can see the results that occur when my classmates give wonderful presentations I stop paying attention and knit with the wrong needle. This problem started at 6pm tonight and I did the same thing repeatedly. Thus I’ve given up for the evening and will attempt to knit with the proper needle tomorrow. This doesn’t happen often.. since I do two at and time and use 12" addi turbos I generally have to tug on the needle anyway to get the stitches proper.. I’m tired and thinking of many other things. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

A good friend gave me a gift card to knitty city. In part it funded a frenzy of new addi turbos because my knitting has loosened and I can’t knit socks on 2.5mm anymore. I brought home some gorgeous shibui sock because i loved it so much knitting it for E. I think this is the “dragonfly” (Colour 1601) colourway. So… do I succeed in making socks out of this or do I break down and buy another few to make lace? Then because for some reason the colours really grabbed me today.. I also brought home this skein of Jawoll color.

Shibui sock lang jawoll

Ok. The semester is officially over (I just have to turn in course evaluations). I’m free (from school) until the Tuesday following MLK Jr day. I have many Work obligations between now and then but I have some extra me-time (I hope). I expect spinning to resume soon and my knitting goal is to complete my Veste and make progress on everything else. Additionally I’m now exactly halfway through the program. I have conflicting thoughts as to the value I’m gaining given the cost per credit, but I will be continuing as it is making sure I finally do some things I’d probably do eventually anyway. That’s all I’ll say here about it. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. I expect it’ll take me about two weeks to catch up on some recent emails and blog posts and stuff. Thank you for being patient!

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