riding “history”

This holiday season the MTA is running special trains on Sundays. On the V line from 2nd Avenue to Queens Plaza, every hour (about on the hour) you can catch a special “nostalgia” train from 10a to 5p. This is an ongoing until 30 December. This past Sunday E and I brought ourselves into the city and waited for this special V to show up.

As it pulled into the station (with a sizeable crowd waiting on the platform) I attempted to photograph it and failed miserably. E suddenly stepped back and I heard unhappy language escaping his lips. Apparently his battery did not properly charge so I must torture you with my terrible photos.

It was kinda fun but I guess the hustle and bustle of a weekend day in NYC in December got to me. I did enjoy the padding on the seat, for two reasons. First, those plastic seats are quite cold on dark winter mornings, secondly is that I don’t have much padding so any little bit makes me happy.

Many of the advertisements made me smile… I find the germs one quite timely. Yuck.

This is why PG is mad at me. I left her home and she isn’t very happy about it and keeps trying (along with Work) to make sure I don’t complete my final project (due tomorrow). *sigh*

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