on a schedule

To say I’ve been writing a lot lately would probably be the understatement of 2007. I am impressed that I’ve not had intense pain in my wrists from all of the knitting and writing I’ve been doing the past few weeks.

Today I want to harp further on something. I became a “techie” mostly because I became scared of writing.

Three years ago I attempted (and ultimately “won”) my first NaNoWriMo in order to see if just writing lots and lots would help.

It did.

Writing here every day on approximately seven different topics has helped me as much (if not more) than my journal writing. I began this intense schedule last Spring when my academic writing requirements weren’t as intense as the prior term and I feared that I would loose the momentum and skills I had recently reacquired. I feel that I can now pretty confidently write about 250-500 words on any topic and that most of those words are good words. Those words will come easier for me if I am interested and passionate in the topic, but I can get that much out without intense stress. From those I am able to expand further if necessary. It’s a step. I am still not incredibly confident in my writing but I feel better about it. In time.

Heck, I’m even starting to be able to edit my own writing. There has been improvement.

This week you may potentially hear more about: some cookbooks and hopefully a dragon, trains and penguins (and why pg is very mad at me), and a FO in miracle record time (if you subscribe to my flickr feed you’ll hopefully see it later today)…