success (of a sort)

I am both embarrassed and pleased to announce that I can now turn on the oven all by myself. I’ve not cooked too much this week, but am slowly reading up more and more on gf breads and preparing to have lots of fun once my final project for this term is submitted (Wednesday).

In the coming days I hope to read through Gluten-Free Quick & Easy by Carol Fenster a recent and welcome addition to my bookshelf courtesy my in-laws. A quick skim through shows planned menus which aim to “reuse” parts throughout the week, something quite useful as I cook for two and most recipes are for four. This can also potentially give us extra lunches which both save money and help us eat healthier. There are quite a few treif recipes and ingredients in the book which will be a fun challenge to see if I can kasher.

I like the frank and truthful blurbs which are included with each recipe … on crepes .. “the first crepe is always a disaster, so I eat it right there on the spot. Later crepes are more successful …” yes! The first of anything generally is under or over cooked! Ok, a real review is forthcoming when I actually have time to sit and read through the book and try a recipe or two.

I blame the subway for dinner on Thursday. Not that I was tired from a terrible commute. No. Someone had something that “smelled like chicken” and I kept thinking about how yummy it was (I hadn’t had lunch) so when I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed, shocker-of-shockers a rotisserie chicken came home with me. Yes, I can buy this sort of pre-cooked kosher bird in my local supermarket, an advantage to living where I do. I made mashed potatoes (parve) and some instant-gravy for E (there were lots of juices so I didn’t feel deprived) and some peas and carrots. HOW WONDERFUL this meal was. As I said before, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I really really crave meat of a sort.

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  1. That goes for the first (and last) latke, too! Good luck with the bread making.

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