97, 98, 99…

In this season of miracle I think that well, E might have his scarf much earlier than I expected! I thought I’d be knitting this thing forever and just barely able to finish for his birthday.

It’s amazing 97, 98, 99...what happens when I knit it during class and my commute. I knit 9 inches yesterday. I’m still impressed. But today! Today was amazing. I had no extra knitting time beyond commute and class. In total, I’m 39 inches through–my goal remains sixty though it will depend on total yardage as I neglected to weigh each ball before winding. I will be commuting Friday as well (it’s that insane time of year for everyone) so there is actual hope that this could be completed before the end of Chanukah! I’m curious to see what soaking and blocking will do to the fabric. It’s gorgeous and my stitches are slightly even so it will be exciting. I am in love with this yarn. I like the semisolid and I personally think it looks awesome. E likes it and seems excited. That’s a good thing. I’m impressed at how quick it’s going given the “large” 3.5mm needle size. :)

I’m officially a knitting instructor. It’s pretty cool and a bit freaky. new mittens? It lead to my bringing home a skein of yarn from a shop I don’t generally shop at (no, I’m not an instructor there). I don’t know why I felt I still *had* to buy this skein, but whatever. I did. Which is doubly frustrating because I have been wanting some solids, but ANYWAY. Today at a very quick stop by Knitty City after too many hours at the office (they were great hours there were just a lot of them), I took home a gorgeous ball of Regia silk in a pretty charcoal. I know the photo here is beyond horrid but I’ve been getting home after 10 and just can’t do it at this hour. Anyway, I’m thinking of pairing these together for either fingerless mitts or real mittens. Thoughts? (the KPPM is P623C332 if that helps anyone)

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  1. Very nice! I’m in favor of fingerless mitts for that stuff. They would be really elegant.

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