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Just a quick safety tip today because I’m still thawing from a lunchtime excursion. It’s just REALLY REALLY windy today. My office building’s windows are still in (to my surprise), but others aren’t so lucky.

Please hold onto the railing when going up or down the subway stairs. Especially if they are icy. Hopefully those behind you won’t be rude and push you, but be really careful. If you find yourself starting to slip due to snow or ice attempt to turn it into a trip down a slide and aim for the super slick part.

Be very careful of the stairs on the SE side of 79th on the 1 (on your way to knitty city). I’ve always had a very large problem with that stairwell. It seems that the snow and ice and frozen slush builds up there.

Also be careful of a certain stairwell on the CI bound F train. I slid down it a few years ago, thus prompting this safety reminder message.

Similarly be careful crossing the streets (especially when in the early evening). When it’s dark at 5pm I’ve noticed that cars don’t care and whip around corners without thinking (oh wait they always do that) and thus far I’ve been very very lucky. I also once slid across Coney Island Avenue (by Ave P) … THAT one hurt, I wasn’t rushing I just hit that patch of ice just “right”.

Happy Hanukkah!

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  1. Happy Chanuckah! Don’t blow away on us!

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