inch by inch

and day by day all of my projects are growing.

I redid the bindoff last week for my “instant” socks, doing a “tubular bind-off for double-rib” following the directions in my handy Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook (the one I learned to knit from six years ago) … once I got it, I realized how awesome this is. :) The instructions are a bit cranky to follow but not impossible.

This is the first time in about a year that I have no socks on the needles (though I am using sock yarn). E’s scarf is coming along much faster than I anticipated. I might actually break my “no holiday knitting” decree if I continue at this pace, I was originally aiming for his birthday in early February. Yesterday, I knit about 7 inches so in total I estimate to be about 20% along. I’m aiming for 60 inches or until I run out of yarn, I don’t think I’ll have a problem.

On Ravelry I’m receiving lots of nice comments on my interpretation (totally different yarn) of Miriam’s River Wrap. I’m about 20% done with this project as well and have been using it as incentive to complete my work. I am still in love with it. E thought I was knitting a sweater because of how I always held it up to see what it looked like. HAH! There are some places I won’t wear horizontal stripes if I can avoid it. ;)

You want photos? I’ll post them all at the end. ;) I don’t have very current WIP photos as it’s too late [I’m drafting this at Midnight] to take photos. Please visualize what I’ve posted in the past and add some length. Not very exciting.

My Veste is also coming along. In knitting it, I’m definitely being kept on my toes. The Wrap features twisted stitches and a cable crossing in front. The Veste doesn’t twist and its cables cross in back. One cable is 8 stitches wide, the other six. It’s definitely exercising that silly part of my brain. I do look forward to finishing the Veste, I wore a store bought one of E’s Monday and it’s just a *bit* too big. I am semi desperate (and know I’ll want more than one) so I tried to look if I can find a store bought one. I am beyond surprised, none of the stores I expected to have one [in my size] did. There are a few shops I’ve not looked at so we’ll see. And yes, I’ve been looking in the boy’s section. :) [boys 12 or 14. i need to see it to decide]

The photographic evidence has been in flickr for a bit now. I finally decided to clean up the knitting basket. That it was interfering with the bike may have influenced the decision. The tangle was beyond belief but I surprised myself by quickly untangling it. Since my WIPs are now more accessible, I actually knit a few rows on Seraphim so it might be finished in the next decade. I put V&J’s blanket into it’s own bin and corralled all the relevant yarn. The picture of “colourwork” is blurry because I was laughing really hard while trying to take it, I’m not sure why I found it soo humorous but I did.

my wips "tangle" hmm... Knitting Baskets, reorganized

One presentation has been (and from the feedback received, successfully) completed. It’s a relief and I’m happy I volunteered to present first. I’m on track for completing my academic projects with less procrastination than in past terms. It was a little rough Tuesday night, but E is perfect and let me bounce some ideas off of him and I think it turned out splendid. There is still quite a bit to complete before the year end, but we’ll get there. :)