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I’ve been writing and writing and rewriting a ton this past week, for myself, for clients, for school … So much so that in addition to finally purchasing more RAM for my neglected machines (tapuach only has 512! E purchased her for me three years ago and we were surprised. We just assumed I had a gig.. it explains a LOT [the cobbler’s children…]) I also picked up a ps2 to usb converter for my wonderful keyboard (er, mine is over seven years old.. it’s a Classic MPC).

I think that some of the residual pain I’ve been experiencing is because I am continually hunched over many different laptop keyboards. Yes I know about frequent breaks, I’ve been researching RSI and ways to combat it since early high school. Yes, I’m smaller so the strain isn’t as much for me than it possibly is for a professional line backer, but I still feel it. Once my order arrives and I can start using the keyboard again I will write up a proper review. I know it is expensive, but I believe it’s worth it — they are very well made and last. I can switch to dvorak quite easily which also helps things out. My Computer Engineer husband attempted to make me a converter by slicing up a few old cables, but as there are conflicting wiring diagrams out on the net, we decided that this was a safer bet.

Now to writing. I’ve had these two articles from OU.org sitting in my feed reader for a while now.
On Jewish Mothers and Their Writing By Sarah Shapiro
And even more interesting to me in light of my obsession/love of journal writing:
Journal Writing: An Experience in Owning One’s Life By Varda Branfman

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  1. Hm … cobbler’s children. I can relate there! Good luck with your new keyboard!

  2. What a wonderful article! I’m going to link to it from my blog, too –

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