A few emails with friends this week has made me realize I should clarify something.

I am a flexitarian. I don’t like to eat meat for a variety of personal reasons. I have a dairy kitchen which means I will not cook meat at home (it isn’t impossible, just a large pain in the XYZ where I generally end up rekashering my stove/oven; in the wintertime is not as inconvenient as it is in the summer). That does not mean I will not occasionally part take in consuming meat while at others homes or a restaurant. It doesn’t happen often. But it does happen.

I’ve not cooked much this week. We went to the inlaws for a wonderful turkey meal on Thursday where we also experimented with various rice flour concoctions. There is much for us to learn, but we’re learning! What is frustrating is that I’m not positive it is making a significant difference. I will keep eliminating various food groups as much as I am able and we’ll see. I think dairy is a large culprit, again.

I did cook this French Herb Quinoa Blend recently and we enjoyed it. We need to find something GF to serve with it. Traditionally I’d have made wheat-gluten “chicken” but that is to be no longer. We have been having a lot of tofu pups but I need to find something else … as E said earlier today, my we eat a lot of soy. (Note that I just realized that their Chick’n Strips are similar in ingredient list to their Tofu Pups. My local store hasn’t carried these recently but I’ll now be on the lookout. But again, it’s a lot of soy).

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  1. Are you getting attacked for not being a “true” vegetarian? Sorry if that is the case. Keeping a kosher kitchen is a true commitment — I understand wanting to only keep a dairy kitchen to make things a bit easier and I can see myself having gone down that path way back when. (Back when I toyed with orthodoxy.) Where does barley rank on the GF scale? We had a lovely mushroom/beef/barley “soup” yesterday but have done with without beef as well.

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