parshah vayishlach

This week we read Vayishlach, Bereshit (Genesis) 32:4-36:43.

First however, a very large thank you to LC for catching my most embarrassing mistake. Last week I wrote that 12 SONS were born to Jacob .. that is wrong, 12 CHILDREN. Binyamin was not yet born (he’s born in this parsha). Dinah is not a son.

Let’s see, summary and text with Rashi.

I got hung up on 32:31 and 32:32: “31. And Jacob named the place Peniel, for [he said,] “I saw an angel face to face, and my soul was saved. 32. And the sun rose for him when he passed Penuel, and he was limping on his thigh.” (from chabad, © Judiaca Press)

Ok. My knowledge of grammar is pathetic at best. Rashi of course doesn’t comment on it. But my basic research seems to indicate that there are two distinct names for the same place. Jacob named it Peniel, but it is also called Penuel (“face of god”). That the two sound/spell somewhat the same (changing a yud for a vav) is just coincidence. It could have been Apple and Orange. I’m not sure why I got caught up in this, and not other more interesting (?) parts of the parsha but I did. Please feel free to correct me. I asked E and he didn’t know either. (All those years of formal Jewish education.. *sigh* ;) [just kidding, he was reading Rashi script as I was still struggling with English. But I could read music around that time, so :P])

I leave you with the following:
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– I’m a little slow but, Nach Yomi might be for me. I’ve been trying to learn Shmuel, but … [I’ve posted other Yomi calendars in the past, such as this post. This is nothing new, but perhaps the structure and guidance will help me.]

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