where are they now?

I thought that I’d quick write up the status of two of the tools new desk and shelf arrangementI’ve previously written about and how they are doing. With this wacky weather (it’s 66°F/19°C), we woke up incredibly dehydrated and cranky this morning so little has been accomplished.

I’ll begin with my desk, for the most part it’s neater than it was before the new shelving. I often clear off the top to keep it nice. Last week I moved the cabinet away (it needs to find a good home) to give myself more legroom (I know, me?!) and moved the neglected wheel to the other side so I stop hitting it. I also added a small desk light which is helping a little. All the USB cables and wires are a huge mess as my hub is giving me woes so I’m constantly readjusting what goes where (my laptop only has 2 USB ports). The camera isn’t always put away in a timely manner. As it’s big and bulky that isn’t good. I constantly have loose papers to the left of the laptop and that is something I’m focusing on fixing. I need to file them or destroy them after I’m done with them. There is a very scary pile of other paperwork and things that hasn’t been sorted through or filed. I hope to set aside time today and tomorrow to make progress there. The shelves above my desk are still quite neat. Sometimes the library book part gets a little out of control but I’ve been quite happy with these new shelves. There are still a few things I need to tweak but I think overall this works much better than the old setup. I really need to set aside time each day to “clean my sink” (aka my desk and surrounding areas) [confused? check out flylady]. I’m not doing this and that is a problem.

Right now, however, the desktop is quite clear, housing just my light, a glass of apple cider, my ipod, a mouse that isn’t plugged in, and two laptops. I am finalizing a few projects, and my laptops need more RAM so I have to keep two up. One for research the other for writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase some soon to speed life up.

The second item I will talk about is my bag, katom. katom, try #2 I have many many good things to say about this. I now really think about what I’m carrying each day and if I really need it. I do wish that the adjusting buckle-thing was at a different place (it hits my collarbone and that hurts after a while), during winter “break” I hope to knit/felt something to fix it. Of course I wish it could magically grow a little when I need it, but that pouch in the back is quite nice. Yesterday I stopped and picked up a hardback book for E and that slipped into the pouch which left my hands (and spare bag) free from my last minute food shopping. Last week I spilled coffee on the light grey part, it mostly rolled off and when we had rain a few days later, it completed the cleaning job. I’m quite impressed with how the bag keeps water out of my things. What about the favourite bag? I still use it when going out just for grocery shopping. I should have used it earlier this week when I schlepped in my laptop. I used my laptop bag which just seemed so big and awkward and the whole thing was HEAVY. I can’t believe that until a month ago I was carrying that almost every day.

The last thing I’m going to write about is a nap. My head still hurts and I’m not focusing on what I need to do so I’m going to go lay down for a short big. I hope that I wake up refreshed and able to work.

Happy Thanksgiving Thursday to everyone.