moving forward

I haven’t had much time to knit completed* instant socksthe past week. I finished my “instant” socks last night but need to rip out my bindoff and redo it with the *real* bindoff I generally use. What i did (at uerhm.. 1am^) is too tight and not stretchy in the least. No, they are not knee high. I liked how they felt here so I stopped. Yarn is Steinbach Wolle Strapaz Norweger Ringel which was purchased at Seaport on two different occasions. I hope that lost ball is having fun at Acadia. At least it’s wool, so the could weather shouldn’t bother it too much, right?

That uses up much of that fated yarn. I possibly could get a pair of anklets if I really wanted to, but I don’t. I’ll weight it and see what my various options end up. We shall see. It was difficult to explain to people that self-patterning yarn just *does it*. I didn’t have to do anything. It made class knitting very nice.

I’m not sure what sock is next. I’ve misplaced a cake of lavendersheep which has possibilities, though I may knit up my ball of Austermann Step (mit aloe) into another pair of jaywalkers. I think the yarn would go nicely with the pattern and it would be very nice to see how much easier the pattern will be with more experience. I will more than likely do it toe up. ;) [edited to add: I didn’t realize that this time last year I finished my SECOND pair of socks ever. ;)]

E’s scarf is chugging E's scarf progress along quite nicely if I may say so (and since it’s my site, I may). Again, the yarn is Shibui sock, in the “pagoda” colourway. I’m using knit picks options US4/3.5mm needles (the only part of the set I own) with a woven check stitch pattern from mary thomas’s book of knitting patterns (the purple one). I found that I can knit about 1" each part of my daily commute. My current estimate is that I am about 7.5% complete, he needs it about 60" in length so I have a good deal more knitting to do. I hope to set aside some time from my work this weekend to knit.

Anything else? I’ve dabbled in a few rows here or there. They miss me, and I miss them.

^ wtf was I doing up so late? I got home really late from class and after attempting to go straight to sleep decided I was hungry for lunch/dinner so I got up and ate some soup. I can’t go to sleep immediately after eating, so I stayed up and knit the ribbing and quickly bound off.