travel safely

As many people travel extensively at this time of year, I wish you all safe travels.

If you driving at all, please try not to rush and stress over where you needed to be ten minutes ago. Please take care around pedestrians and the other cars on the road. Please, be a smart driver.

If you are flying I wish you lots of luck and patience. Deep breath. You’ll get to where you’re going (eventually). ;)

I obviously don’t have much for today. Yes, I could talk about some potential funkiness with the F line (this morning, our conductor asked the driver what route we were taking as we pulled into Jay Street), but there really isn’t much to say. I don’t have any new travel photos to post, nor any really good train stories. It’s going to be quite intensive the next couple of weeks so I expect word counts to either drop off or triple. My blog doesn’t write itself, unlike Stephanie’s.

For those in the US who celebrate it, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. (I plan to post the rest of this week). For those of you elsewhere, I’m sorry I missed commenting on your holidays. I notice them in my calendar but do not always have anything to say other than wishing I had the day off.

I leave you with the site: Travel Safely. It is a list of links mostly geared toward air travel, but one may be potentially useful to someone. ;)