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I knit in class when possible. Last night we had guest speakers. We were having some technical difficulties and I kept offering up possible solutions, while knitting. We now think it is a bad video cable (if two laptops couldn’t connect to the projector…) While waiting to see if a potential fix worked, the second speaker asked the class to introduce ourselves so he could tailor his presentation. I gave my standard long-yet-as-brief-as-I-can whoami while knitting. I finish and he adds with a smile “and you knit”. The entire class broke into laughter and we agreed. Yes, I do knit. They were two amazing presentations, I may write up bits of them here in the future. Time will tell.

So, since I knit, I can say that I finished R’s socks on Sunday (thank you multiple trips to Lowes). The yarn is Lavendersheep Superwash Fingering in Jade Tiger a colourway that R requested and I proposed to Yvonne and named. I just love how it knits up. R loves them and as they’re his alma mater’s colours, he can’t wait for the next game to wear them to and show them off. :) Oh and his alma mater’s mascot is a bear I believe, but I still like the name. I used 2 by 12" Addi Turbo’s 3mm. There is still a lot of yarn leftover, so we’ll see what comes of it.

Sunday night I cast on my next pair of socks, using the leftovers from E’s “Instant Gratification Socks” and again the 3mm Addi’s. These are definitely instant socks. I cast on my toes at home, knitting maybe 5 rows as set up (I prefer not to do this on the train at 6:30am). I completed the first heel this morning. I only knit for maybe 90 minutes in class last night plus my standard commute time. The tension is quite dense which is what a wanted. I CO42 and went crazy. I’m a little disturbed that the leftovers from E’s socks gets me through the heel of my own. When I run out I’m going to add in the full ball I have left and knit until the ball runs out or I get to my knee, whichever comes first (probably my knee).

Here are some darling dark photos of my socks…

R's socks instant sock

Last year at Smiley’s Yarn sale I bought, in a moment of weakness, a bag of Paton’s SWS in Natural Earth with no plan in mind. Then came the winter issue of IK and I fell head over heels in love with Miriam’s Logan River Wrap. I didn’t want to purchase any more yarn but didn’t have much in the correct yardage. I started dreaming about the pattern so I cast on with the SWS. More on that in a second, but first.

I hate how SWS is knotted in almost every single ball and that the knots join two distinctly different colours in different directions (of the colour progression). I know it’s “cheap yarn” by some accounts, but this really miffed me. I do love most of the colours though. The dark charcoal and navy aren’t my favourites but I do love these colours.

SWS, knot SWS, caked

Ok, back to the Wrap. river wrap progress This design is pure CRACK. I love it and am going through withdrawal symptoms because I’m not knitting it. I’m not generally a huge fan of drop stitches but I love it! Miriam also has the honour of writing a pattern which let me finally really truly GROCK SHORTROWS! I love it. I decided, once I discovered the knots, to rewind the balls. After that I figured I should just unzip my provisional cast on and do the bottom border so I wouldn’t really have to worry about that later. In theory. Except that I forgot to weigh the ball before I began so I have no idea how much yarn it required. I’m not pleased with my colour choice and once I knit up more of my stash will most likely knit this again in more appropriate yarns, but it’ll work.

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  1. |:shudder:| I hate stuff like that. Last year, my company was doing a “thing” at the Museum of Fine Arts, and *I* was put in charge of the AV demo. Ok, as the photographer, I made the video slideshow, but didn’t know I had to do THAT part, too. In front of a whole auditorium, there I was fumbling with cables and plugs and all sorts of messy stuff. Eeek, still haven’t recovered from that public humiliation…

  2. I saw that wrap in the magazine preview and went “eh”. Now I think I’m going to have to make the thing It looks like a lot of fun to knit.

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