staying informed

This is probably not relevant to any of those who actually read this site, but I’ll write it anyway. I don’t think I’ve written about this yet. The MTA does maintenance on the lines on weekends, late nights, and weekly. They have had an email alert (similar to straphangers alerts) for a while now, but that was only for weekend changes.

They recently added weekday alert notices. These are only for planned outages and which does not help for sudden work or train malfunction or whatever else is happening during the week.

I used to get the straphanger notices. I stopped reading them as I get too much email (I’ve been paring down. It’s a work in progress). I mentally think of these mta notices as “new” and I changed my mangement of that sort of email so it is a little more “in my face” and hopefully I’ll start paying more attention. As some track work was recently conducted on my portion of the F line, I was pleased to find that I actually read these, found them relevant, timely, and easy to read. I think that all of these are useful and I look forward to when I can put in the lines, stations, and times I routinely travel on and receive incredibly customized reports. It would further be awesome to be able to query the system and say “I’m at station X now, what’s doing between here and there?”

I’ll keep dreaming.

Also, if it is relevant to you, did you fill out a report card? I admit that the interface is nasty, but maybe the results will end up useful. What was that about the dreaming? ;)