finding time

I have learned how to carve out time in my day to knit. I find minutes here and there on lines, on trains, in the car, while waiting for dinner to cook. In the few extra minutes I’ve had (thank you Lowes and Syms), I finished R’s socks today.

I know how to get a large amount of reading done. There are certain parts of the day or week I have set aside for reading.

I’ve not yet figured out how to carve the time to write.

It’s a problem. I think part of it is that I have come to rely too much on electrical or mechanical* assistance to my writing. Yes, my journal writing is 99% by hand and I know the problem I have with not writing there in public, but there is and always will be non-private journal writing I can and should do. For a long time I carried a small notebook around. Now that I use my A5 filo I’m torn between using a small moleskine (current one is actually ruled, not grid) or just some sheets in the filo. My current guess is that I’ll use the A5 during the week and the small book on weekends, when I don’t schlep the filo around. Only time will tell.

Pen choice is another whole can of worms which I’ll leave to next week. I have some reading, writing, knitting, crochet, and perhaps if time is kind to me, spinning I’d like to do before tomorrow.

The dishwasher works, we think the stove is ready. I’m just very very happy it has sealed burners. I seem to look at it and cause splatters.

* my first typewriter was a beautiful blue manual typewriter. I am still sad that my mother “left it” when she moved since I had a wordprocessor. I’m sure that given the late nights I spent in high school typing, it was definitely a good thing not to have a typewriter. That said, I miss it.

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  1. Yes, but the click of typewriter keys is a soothing sound. Many is the night my dad’s typing soothed me to sleep.

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