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The only creation with a little bit of progress Booties for B which I have to share are the finished baby booties. These were finished and the trillions ends woven in Friday morning and the package mailed off. At which point I got very confused about the time and thought it was a whole hour later. But anyway. I had extra ends because the @#($&* Rowan Cotton Glace was split and torn and I didn’t realize that when I started knitting. GRR. I do like how I’ve made two pairs so far and think that I have enough grey for at least a third. It makes the cost of the yarn, and the splits not so so painful on the wallet.

R’s socks seem to have entered the black hole … I knit for 40 minutes on the subway to the office and 40 minutes home. For the past three days. (well, only to the office so far today) and it doesn’t seem that the legs are ANY longer. I do estimate that I’ve about 18 more rounds until I do the ribbing, so by much luck they will emerge completed next Wednesday.

I’ve only completed one more repeat on the Veste. I’m debating two options for my almost the smallest size but not quite dilemna because I’m not flat on front. The first is to add a few purl/ribbing stitches on the sides of the front either for the whole front or just the bumpy part; the other is to play with the ribbing when i get to that point. I do think that this might be my solution. My current thought is to increase one stitch (so it’s p3) in a few of the ribs on each half of the front and that should give me more ease and then slowly over the course of a few rows go back to the normal p2 rib well after the bumps I need. I have no idea how this will work. If someone says short-rows I’m mailing you the yarn and needles. I can handle short rows for heels, but think a veste/cabled front is beyond me.

When we saw my mother this past weekend, I gave her the fetching I made this summer as they really do not fit me well. I have a plan for a better solution for my cold finger tips (which would not work when I need to type), but need to find the time. HAH HAH HAH.

I have tons of other projects in the plans. I’ve not forgot about the blanket, the argyles, or the lace. My poor spinning wheel is crying for me. I hope soon I’ll have a few minutes. *sigh*

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  1. I wore a pair of my fingerless mitts to work recently and a co-worker said the opposite — just fingers — would be better for her. Her name for them? Phalange Phuzzies. I about died laughing.

    I have no advice on the Veste, although I imagine that adding one stitch to the ribbing here and there would accomplish your goal.

  2. Not enough hours in the day. I can’t find my fingerless mitts and I could really use them right now for driving. Got to finish bringing stuff in from the balcony …

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