lightening, part 2

Last week I wrote of my quest to lighten my bag. This week I decided to post an update.

But first, thank you for all the kind wishes. :) katom

I think I’ve had a breakthrough!

Meet katom^. He’s been working ok since I brought him home Monday afternoon, EXCEPT that 7 of my library books had their hold requests fulfilled over the past 2 days. Few were less than 400 pages. He was the last one available at C21 at a nice discount. I’m not so keen on this colour but I’ll deal. This is the first new bag I’ve brought home since the bag last spring (which I still love but tend to overfill). I know the picture is quite poor, but the fabric refused to be photographed. For the colour, it seems to be a very shy bag. It’s a flap body bag and really won’t hold much more than I really need. The selling point for me was an open back pocket which will allow for me to put in a letter sized folder without drastically changing how the bag carries. I like that it sits flat against my body.

Now I just need to score one of these (backordered here) in a decent colour and I’ll be happy.

Over a year ago I posted what I carry in my bag. I thought I’d provide an update to that as well. It’s surprisingly similar except I’m actively reevaluating all of it right now. Here is the comparison of very-old to new. Click through to flickr to see notes describing everything. I think the biggest change is the swap of a book for knitting and the consolidation of the moleskines for the a5 filo.

inside my bag contents of my bag

The pain in my neck has mostly lessened. Some more stress was dissipated. Yay!

Edit: Is this photo any better?

^ = Orange in Hebrew, I need desperately to work on my Hebrew.

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  1. Why is he called katom if he is kaxol? (Had to look up the word for blue — kids are useless! Just why am I paying all this money for hebrew school? O.k., we won’t go there. By the way, tapuach (ta-poo-ach) is apple … learned that way back when. As in Tapuach Hagadol or our beloved city’s nickname. Yea, that’s the context I learned it in. *grin*

  2. actually he is katom and afor, he looks kachol in the picture but is not.

    i know, hebrew school seems as if they didn’t learn anything at times. i often ask e words and he doesn’t know them… we won’t go there though. ;)

    (btw this site is my friend.)

  3. OK, I could read either ‘kaxol’ or ‘kachol’ for blue, and I knew ‘katom’ without the footnote, but what is ‘afor’? It wasn’t until the large photo that I could tell that the orange was part of the bag and not background, but the rest still looks blue to me.

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