some knitting

A really short post today.

Some knitting was indeed accomplished this past week. I didn’t make as swift progress on a few projects as I hoped, but I’ve made progress on a few. I started the heel on the first of R’s socks this morning so the final stretch is near!

I’m almost done with a pair of booties for E’s coworker’s new daughter. I bought buttons Monday, so with lots of luck I should finish them tomorrow afternoon. They do go fast, but there is a TON of seaming.

I did some work on the veste everest, and have also been rereading Knitting without Tears and I can say I have finally grokked the long-tail cast on. Though watching a rerun of Knitty Gritty I watched Lily Chin who did a knit cast on and I had a d’oh moment, you can [knit] cast on ribbing! I feel As I’ve heard a few people mention recently, a woman’s back is not the same measurement as her front. So I’m knitting the back now and I’ll figure out the front soon. I just picked up Teach yourself visually knitting design at the library today so hopefully that should help me figure out how I want to fix the front.

Yvonne sent me the most wonderful present (today i’m older). It makes me smile tons.

Photos below.

The spinning wheel has a layer of dust.

booties, wip 28 Oct 07 veste everest, 28 oct 07 stitch marker

Lastly, I tend to read cute overload in chunks… this made me giggle today. I wonder if it’s angora. ;)

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  1. Happy birthday! 35 years ago today, my mother found out that she was expecting me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you like the bitty penguin!

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