two down…

Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery was completed this past week. How I love my Anne, and how Anne-like I often feel. (nb: I am an Anne too, my middle name) I connected more with this Anne-girl than I have in prior reads mostly because I recall feeling many of the same emotions. I have a feeling that the next few books, as Anne goes to college, marries, and has a family will resonate even more with me. While I’ve not yet actively participated in the Knit-and-Read along, I’m happy it prompted my reread of one of my favorites.

I also finished The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett and have no good reason for why I’ve delayed for so long. It’s a fun irrelevant series which takes me away from reality and enables me to be better centered when I return. I’m almost through Sorcery and am enjoying myself. :)

Many thanks to all the suggestions I received regarding my pain + hair question. I think it could be a combination of “all three” (hair + stress + knitting) but think the knitting is the least of my culprits. I think it could also be the way I’m sitting when I work at my “home office”. I’m not sure what I’ve done differently to make my stool so uncomfortable, but I have noticed that it is exacerbated after very short (5 min) sits at my desk (which is still “mostly” clean). I take frequent breaks when knitting nor typing. I lived through some very large RSI pain in high school (lots of typing and bassoon), so I try to take care for that.

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  1. I love love love the Discworld series by Pratchett, and I think you’ll find that they get better as you read through the series. I just finished Thief of Time and it was faboo.

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