introductions and silliness

Once again this is not the post I thought I’d write, last week or this.. several things came up today which prevented me from finishing what I had planned. The best laid plans of mice and men….

Today I’ll attempt to write a little more on Montgomery’s journals. I don’t think I’ll even come near to doing them justice. My head is swimming from various directions and paths to take. Thank you for being my test subjects as I sort this all out.

One of the most fascinating aspects of L. M. Montgomery’s journals is that she introduces the individuals she writes about. I find this fascinating and for a while in each new volume I did this as well (I only discovered that she did it in the past month). Now, I don’t really. Maybe it would do better for my character development if I tried it again.

But one thing, which Anne speaks about to Gilbert in Anne of Avonlea (more on that tomorrow) is after Gilbert asks her what is wrong,

“Nothing very dreadful. I was just trying to write out some of my thoughts, as Professor Hamilton advised me, but I couldn’t get them to please me. They seem to still and foolish directly they’re written down on white paper with black ink. Fancies are like shadows… you can’t cage them… perhaps I’ll learn the secret some day if I keep trying…” (p 70 in my copy; fourth paragraph in “the pointing of duty”)

Anne, while you are but 17 when you speak these words, are you sure you aren’t a decade older? Perhaps it is when I see how silly some of my frustrations are when I write them out. Or how I often make mountains out of a few grains of sand, that seeing how silly they are helps me keep in touch with some sort of reality. I guess.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep trying to carve out minutes to write. I’m not sure yet if I’ll do nanowrimo. I have a very busy November ahead of me, and if I can’t shake this sinus/head cold thing I’m going to be very very miserable.

To those of you with long hair who might be able to help me puzzle this out. One of my fibro “trigger points” is a knot on my left shoulder a short bit from the base of my neck. However, I also keep my hair in a low bun and sleep like that. Do you think the current knot is a fibro-flare-up or from my hair? While no one but E sees it these days, I don’t want to cut it unless I have a good need. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’ve worn my hair “down” the past few nights and it hasn’t helped but… thought i’d ask.

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  1. Mine is to my waist, so definitely counts as long.
    I generally wear it in pigtails. Like Pippi, except mine
    don’t stick straight out like hers. I haven’5 tried
    sleeping on a bun, because it doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable.
    That’s probably not very helpful, sorry!

  2. My hair is almost to my waist. I wear it on one braid at night, and it never has bothered me. A bun would bother me!

    I have FM too – I’ve had very specific flares at times, especially if I’ve been stressing a particular joint or muscle group. I think it’s possible that changing from the bun to something flatter might help avoid stressing that point.

    You have me so eager to read those journals now!

  3. When I had long hair I would braid it into a loose braid at night. It might also be possible that knitting might be contributing to it. That is the same spot that I tend to tense up both from knitting and when I am stressed.

  4. My hair is about to the bottoms of my shoulder blades. I sleep with it in a braid, too, most of the time. I think a bun would pull too much for me. I wouldn’t rule out the knitting, though, like Yvonne said. Try alternating 15 minutes of knitting with 3 of stretching, or something like.

  5. When my hair was long (all of 3 weeks ago) I was sleeping with it in a loose ponytail with a very narrow elastic. A scrunchie was far too uncomfortable and a braid was also uncomfortable when I rolled over. I only started ponytailing it in March after my accident and am sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

    Don’t know about the trigger point thing but my current hair length is giving my neck the itchies!

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