staying fed

Sunday night found us with my lazy dinner: instant rice, tofu chunks, coleslaw mix, and peanut sauce. Ooh don’t I make it sound yummy?! Really it is.

Monday I wanted something Different. Something that could potentially use up a pantry item or two. I succeeded with the first thing that looked mildly appetizing and that was Rachel Ray’s Creamy Spaghetti and Beans. It surprised us in that it was pretty tasty, however, in my desire to stay GF (and a long Monday afternoon which involved too many confined places with people who smelled quite strongly of either smoke or perfume) I didn’t have any spare ideas to come up with anything to substitute for the pancetta. E commented that it was “missing something”. I added lots of pepper. It was quite good and I don’t think he’s yet realized I fed him GF (corn) pasta. :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were lean days as I walked on average about 5.1 miles each day and did not eat very much. Arriving home much after 10pm added to the “lean days”. Oddly I seem to be the same weight I was months ago. I guess the “fat” converted to muscle? (I have not had any change in waist size either).

Thursday was a tomato soup and grilled cheese type of day. I didn’t buy any bread but found some pita and made E his grilled cheese in that. I only had rice cakes around so I attempted to “grill” those and I do not recommend it. They were not bad, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I do miss grilled cheese with tomato soup. Maybe once the kitchen is completed I’ll invest in a GF friendly bread machine.

Friday found me turning on the slow cooker for my own lunch. I enjoyed some rice stew with pickled veges. I had found a HUGE container of mixed pickled veges the day before for $3. I also cooked up the last of the tiliapa I had in the freezer. The pickled vegetables are quite spicy due to something. I think it might be the pepperoncini but I’m not sure.

I had a hard time figuring out what to make for shabbos dinner that was GF and different than things I’ve made recently. I ended up running to the store at 3pm and picking up some tofu “hot dogs” and we had a splendid meal of hot dogs, sauerkraut, and french fries. For dessert I had mistakenly grabbed a container of “lite” vanilla fudge tofutti (instead of plain vanilla) but it wasn’t too bad. It was strange how tasty that meal was. :)

Today I’m battling unhappy sinuses and have been trying to eat anything spicy I can get my hands on. Tonight just now, I heated up some leftover rice stew and mixed in some feta and freshly ground pepper. It was good if unorthodox.