I need to bring better food balance to our week. Two consecutive late nights is difficult for both of us.

On Monday I purchased that 1.5 quart slow cooker for $10 at the drug store. With it I have enjoyed breakfasts and lunch all week. For my morning meal I toss in a handful of peanuts, at noon, sauerkraut. I need to learn to make kimchi or find a better varied pickled blend of vegetables (we’ve had them, I’ve just not see them on the store shelf this week).

Thursday (the next night I cooked) I made cleaning out the crisper a most marvelous pasta “sauce”. I was inspired equally by this NYT article and an urgent need to empty the crisper. It ended up a bit of this a bit of that (asparagus, yellow bell pepper, grape tomato, onion, garlic, grey squash), and it all ended up melding together wonderfully into a very nice addition to our pasta. E really enjoyed it with his penne (shuddup). I had it over some corn spaghetti and found it quite enjoyable. I hope I don

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  1. I’ve never tried the Rubbermaid containers, but Tupperware has been making collapsible containers for a while as well. I’m not sure either is made for keeping foods warm, but they are very convenient.

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